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Akaka Bill: President Obama disappoints Hawaiians

By , August 7, 2009 8:26 pm
Stop the Akaka Bill. Photo credit:

Stop the Akaka Bill. Photo credit:

Akaka Bill: President Obama disappoints Hawaiians

Unfortunately President Obama still supports the Akaka Bill. This is not surprising.

In today’s Honolulu Advertiser an article titled, “Obama backs Akaka bill as promised” was printed.

The editors some of whom seem to collude with the “state” of Hawai’i to push for the Akaka Bill against the will of the Hawaiian people printed in part:

“The full-throated endorsement came from Sam Hirsch, deputy associate attorney general, to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

The panel was weighing 9-year-old legislation, authored by Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, that would a set up a process for Native Hawaiian autonomy within the state and federal systems.

“The Department of Justice strongly supports the core policy goals of this bill, and I am pleased to testify on this historic legislation,” Hirsch said.”

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The Akaka Bill is extremely dangerous… not just to Hawaiians but to non-Hawaiians as well.

Ironically former President Bush was set to veto the Akaka Bill which would have been one of the good things that he would have done.