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Akaka Bill: Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

By , December 8, 2011 9:19 pm

Akaka Bill: Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

They continue to push the Akaka Bill onto Hawaiians and Hawaiian Nationals despite failing to reach majority which is 50% + 1.

Stop the Akaka Bill: Photo Credit Pono Kealoha

In the latest issue of Honolulu Weekly writer Joan Conrow features a picture of Laulani Teale. Teale is quoted as saying,

Laulani Teale on Doing Pono

Laulani Teale on Doing Pono

Photo credit: The Honolulu Weekly. Used for educational purposes.

“I believe that we all know that the strong-spirited warriors of the independence movement, like our kupuna before us, and many of whom have been fighting against the occupation and colonization of Hawaiʻi for decades, will not change their views, nor participate in a ‘roll’ under any circumstances. These are the front-line warriors whose voices and actions have brought us to where we are today. I think we all know that any form of nation built without these voices would simply not be pono.”

So far they still fail to listen to the will of Hawaiians. In fact they still do not have majority yet they continue to push for this legalized theft.

For those of us who know about land, we refuse to sign to join this manufactured tribe which has one purpose and one purpose only in that this fraudulent “roll” will be used to reorganize the lands thus titles and royal patents of Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and their legal heirs. These property rights are inextinguishable.

Since the poliTRICKans do not have majority 50% +1 these thieves want us to “enroll” in their program so that they can steal said real property and personal property. Stealing is wrong.

There is a larger picture here.

This does not solely affect Hawaiians and Hawaiian Nationals.

It affects non-Hawaiians and non-Hawaiian Nationals too.

Will the local, state, and federal government steal your property from YOU too?

We are sure you will understand.

Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and their legal heirs reserve their property rights now and forever.

This shall also serve as a PUBLIC NOTICE.

Akaka Bill: Fighting for Control at the Expense of the Lives of Hawaiians

By , July 27, 2009 10:02 pm

‘Ehu Cardwell of Voices of Truth and the Koani Foundation sums it up well… as usual:

* Reposted with his permission