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More Propaganda About the Akaka Bill Lingers

By , September 27, 2012 7:07 pm

More Propaganda About the Akaka Bill Lingers

Photo Credit: Pono Kealoha

Stop the Akaka Bill

The editors of the Star Advertiser to be complicit with government to push for more government intervention through the Akaka Bill which strips people of their property rights. Whether Hawaiian or American, we need less government not more.


You will have to log in to view the  latest propaganda article about the Akaka Bill.

An excerpt of their nonsense:

“According to his staff, Akaka realizes that better than anyone: What he wants above all is to leave a “legacy” bill he believes has the best chance of passing at some point. So the Hawaii delegation is right, despite those long odds, in its move to keep the worthy notion alive in a more realistically scaled-down form.

Akaka has decided to pare legislation down to a 14-page version, S. 675. The principal difference between this and previous iterations of the measure is the elimination of the section that defines how a Native Hawaiian roll would be created — the membership of the nation-within-a-nation political entity for Native Hawaiians.

Seen at











The Akaka Bill is a tool that would STRIP Hawaiians and their legal heirs of their property rights.

GovernorAbercrombie and other Democrats voted for the Akaka Bill in the House on February 23, 2010



Fortunately Republicans shut it down. I hope they continue to do so.

The Akaka Bill would strip Hawaiians and their legal heirs  of their property rights which is problematic for non-Hawaiians: When the U.S. government does it to us Hawaiians… THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU TOO.




Akaka Bill

By , July 20, 2012 10:12 am

I received a comment from a reader about the Akaka Bill. Here it is:

“Many of us, who are on the fence about the AKAKA BILL have since had a serious dose of reality! Robin Danner has gone out of her to publically humiliate Native Hawaiians/Kanaka Maoli, referring to them as “dumb”, “lazy”, and making comments about her ability to call Senator Innouye at the drop of a hat to kick Native Hawaiians off the homesteads.

Even if you agree with her, as long as you do business on the homestead, she asserts that everything has to come through her and her entity. So lets recap here: if we go with status quo we’ll be full-fledged American Citizens with the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live where we want, freedom to work where we want, freedom to speak to whom we want, and are not at risk of being “disenrolled” from being Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli. But if we support the AKAKA Bill, we will have all our rights as American citizens taken away as well as our identity.

Moreover, we’ll be forced to work under Robin Danner as an indentured servant. Lord oh mighty, can someone please sign me up to be a member of the Robin Danner’s tribe?

I can hear the plantation bells a ringing right now…..massa oh massa is it today we go out and pick cotton so we sew all your kin folk a beautiful outfit for the Sunday outing with ma and pa kettle? Oh please Massa Robin, Massa Robin, this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,….”

Akaka Bill: Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

By , December 8, 2011 9:19 pm

Akaka Bill: Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

They continue to push the Akaka Bill onto Hawaiians and Hawaiian Nationals despite failing to reach majority which is 50% + 1.

Stop the Akaka Bill: Photo Credit Pono Kealoha

In the latest issue of Honolulu Weekly writer Joan Conrow features a picture of Laulani Teale. Teale is quoted as saying,

Laulani Teale on Doing Pono

Laulani Teale on Doing Pono

Photo credit: The Honolulu Weekly. Used for educational purposes.

“I believe that we all know that the strong-spirited warriors of the independence movement, like our kupuna before us, and many of whom have been fighting against the occupation and colonization of Hawaiʻi for decades, will not change their views, nor participate in a ‘roll’ under any circumstances. These are the front-line warriors whose voices and actions have brought us to where we are today. I think we all know that any form of nation built without these voices would simply not be pono.”

So far they still fail to listen to the will of Hawaiians. In fact they still do not have majority yet they continue to push for this legalized theft.

For those of us who know about land, we refuse to sign to join this manufactured tribe which has one purpose and one purpose only in that this fraudulent “roll” will be used to reorganize the lands thus titles and royal patents of Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and their legal heirs. These property rights are inextinguishable.

Since the poliTRICKans do not have majority 50% +1 these thieves want us to “enroll” in their program so that they can steal said real property and personal property. Stealing is wrong.

There is a larger picture here.

This does not solely affect Hawaiians and Hawaiian Nationals.

It affects non-Hawaiians and non-Hawaiian Nationals too.

Will the local, state, and federal government steal your property from YOU too?

We are sure you will understand.

Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and their legal heirs reserve their property rights now and forever.

This shall also serve as a PUBLIC NOTICE.

Akaka Bill: Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and Non-Hawaiians Who Are Against the Akaka Bill

By , August 11, 2010 9:24 am

Akaka Bill: Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and Non-Hawaiians Who Are Against the Akaka Bill

Akaka Bill

Akaka Bill // Photo Credit: Pono Kealoha

Leon Siu wrote a piece about the Akaka Bill which recently appeared in the Hawai’i Reporter on August 3, 2010. Here is another excerpt:

“We, the people of Hawai`i, declare our opposition to the 2010 version of the Akaka bill, and strongly object to being excluded from this legislative process,” stated Leon Siu representing the Koani Foundation, part of a coalition of Native Hawaiian groups.

“We have long been told that open, public debates in matters that affect the citizenry are part of the US democratic process. But it has not been so with the Akaka bill.”

“We, the people of Hawai`i, insist the US Senate Indian Affairs Committee hold public hearings on S.1011 in Hawai`i as soon as possible. We demand to be heard.”

The only time public hearings were held in Hawai`i on the [Akaka] bill was ten years ago.

At that hearing, people turned out in record numbers to oppose the legislation.

Since then, the only hearings held on the Akaka bill were in Washington, DC in the dead of winter, 5,000 miles from Hawai`i, and no opposing testimony from Hawaiians or anyone else was allowed.

Seen here:

Akaka Bill: Also Known As the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act

By , August 3, 2010 1:01 pm

Akaka Bill: Known As the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act

From three years ago. From 2007: Who will profit from the Akaka Bill? Watch to find out:

MAHALO for your support!

Akaka Bill: What You Can Do to Help Stop the Akaka Bill

By , July 14, 2010 11:42 am

Akaka Bill: What You Can Do to Help Stop the Akaka Bill

We have Akaka Bill news & there’s not a moment to lose.

Senator Daniel Inouye is trying to get the Akaka Bill passed. Now is the time to stand tall and get involved.

Sign the Anti-Akaka Bill Petition to show your opposition:

Also contact your senators in the U.S. Senate and tell them to vote NO on the Akaka Bill:

Watch this video to discover what else you can do to help STOP the Akaka Bill.