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Akaka Bill: Hawaiian nationalist and filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly says the Akaka Bill should be rejected

By , March 3, 2010 12:20 pm

Akaka Bill: Hawaiian nationalist and filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly says the Akaka Bill should be rejected

The Akaka Bill aka Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act

An article about award-winning Anne Keala Kelly appeared in the Honolulu Starbulletin. In it she explicitly states her opposition to the Akaka Bill.

An excerpt:

What I think of the Akaka Bill is that it’s the United States government — state and federal governments — attempting to further confuse people and lie to people and cover up the fraudulence of the U.S. presence in Hawaii, the fact that it’s an illegal occupation. … This is all a lie that’s designed to confuse people and also to give them the impression that Hawaiians wanted to be part of the United States and now acquiesce to being part of the United States, and in reality the bill’s designed to actually extinguish Hawaiian title to the crown and government land of the archipelago.

Seen here:

Her assertion is accurate.

As seen in the most recent version of the Akaka Bill it explicitly states something very sly and sneaky on Line 15:

“Native Hawaiians, the native people of the Hawaiian archipelago that is now part of the United States,”

Seen here which is the latest version of the Akaka Bill on page 1 of 58:

The Hawaiian archipelago is not and has NEVER been a part of the United States.

For anyone to state this is stating a lie. Sometimes I wonder about some politicians but this is lying about the Hawaiian people as the Hawaiian Kingdom (i.e. Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina) never consented or signed to transfer their royal patent(s) and/or title to ANYONE or to any ENTITY.

Hawaiians and their legal heirs reserve their property rights to their royal patent(s) and/or title now and forever.

It is truly unfortunate that some Americans feel compelled to lie about the Hawaiian people.

Fortunately there are people like award-winning filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly who is being truthful instead of perpetuating lies which by the way teaches our children to lie too. (Aue.)

Kudos to Anne Keala Kelly and to people like her.

By the way notice all of the racist statements being said about Hawaiians singling out and targeting Hawaiians based on their national origin (i.e. Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina) when discussing the Akaka Bill? I will repost more of this terrible occurrence.