The Akaka Bill in the News – December 17, 2009

By , December 20, 2009 2:35 pm

The Akaka Bill in the News – December 17, 2009

Notice how there has been very little input by Hawaiians regarding the Akaka Bill that concerns Hawaiians.

When discussing the Akaka Bill some people are making statements that are extremely racist in nature.

For example some people are saying that the Akaka Bill creates a segregated nation. No it does not. The Hawaiian Kingdom still exists. Thus an inherent problem. Some Americans say and/or write things about the Akaka Bill which brings out their ignorance which makes their racism targeting Hawaiians even more obvious.

By the way if another group of people were to have a bill like the Akaka Bill concerning them they would be disgusted with some of the vile racist statements being made.

On December 17, 2009 KITV posted, “Senate Committee Passes Akaka Bill With Changes: Senator Plans To Meet With Officials To Work Out Concerns.”

Where is the input from Hawaiians regarding the Akaka Bill. Not just boards like the Office of Hawaiian Affairs who do not speak for Hawaiians but Hawaiians in the general public.

Perhaps a full investigation regarding legislation regarding the Akaka Bill is in order.

More about the Akaka Bill later.