More Propaganda About the Akaka Bill Lingers

By , September 27, 2012 7:07 pm

More Propaganda About the Akaka Bill Lingers

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Stop the Akaka Bill

The editors of the Star Advertiser to be complicit with government to push for more government intervention through the Akaka Bill which strips people of their property rights. Whether Hawaiian or American, we need less government not more.


You will have to log in to view the  latest propaganda article about the Akaka Bill.

An excerpt of their nonsense:

“According to his staff, Akaka realizes that better than anyone: What he wants above all is to leave a “legacy” bill he believes has the best chance of passing at some point. So the Hawaii delegation is right, despite those long odds, in its move to keep the worthy notion alive in a more realistically scaled-down form.

Akaka has decided to pare legislation down to a 14-page version, S. 675. The principal difference between this and previous iterations of the measure is the elimination of the section that defines how a Native Hawaiian roll would be created — the membership of the nation-within-a-nation political entity for Native Hawaiians.

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The Akaka Bill is a tool that would STRIP Hawaiians and their legal heirs of their property rights.

GovernorAbercrombie and other Democrats voted for the Akaka Bill in the House on February 23, 2010



Fortunately Republicans shut it down. I hope they continue to do so.

The Akaka Bill would strip Hawaiians and their legal heirs  of their property rights which is problematic for non-Hawaiians: When the U.S. government does it to us Hawaiians… THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU TOO.




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