Another Racist Diatribe Posted Using the Akaka Bill As a Tool to Write Racist Remarks about Hawaiians Based on Their National Origin – Wall Street Journal December 17, 2009

By , December 22, 2009 1:49 pm

In a post made on December 17, 2009 another racist diatribe was posted online at the Wall Street Journal website. This racist diatribe about Hawaiians while discussing the Akaka Bill was called, “Aloha, Segregation: The Akaka bill would create a race-based state in Hawaii:”

Seen here.

The title of the page was, “Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act Will Redistribute Wealth.”

Notice that they focus on money instead of on doing the right thing?

An excerpt:

President Obama speaks proudly of his childhood in Hawaii, so we wonder what the state’s voters think of his support for a bill that would redistribute its wealth based on race. That’s what would happen under the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act, which Congress is trying to sneak through in its final days this year.

Sponsored by Senator Daniel Akaka, the bill would transfer a percentage of public-owned lands to a native Hawaiian government within the state of Hawaii. The legislation would collect some 400,000 ethnic Hawaiians scattered across the country into a newly affiliated tribe, eventually endowed with the powers of a sovereign state, including freedom from state taxes and regulations and separate police power.

First of all, the so-called “ceded” lands were never ceded. Hawaiians and their legal heirs have never consented to their land and/or title being transferred to anyone or to any entity and they have never signed to any transfer of land and/or title.

Secondly the Hawaiian Kingdom has been in existence since about 1810:

It was never dissolved.

I state this as a descendant.

These racists who state disparaging things about the Hawaiian Kingdom are incorrect in some of their statements.

The Hawaiian Kingdom has always been inclusive of other races, ethnicities, and national origin.

In fact my maternal grandfather is Portuguese in ethnicity yet Hawaiian by nationality. Same for my paternal and maternal Chinese grandfathers. They were Chinese by race and ethnicity. Hawaiian by nationality.

Some of these people who write about the Akaka Bill truly are nasty and are nasty while using the Akaka Bill to be nasty to and about Hawaiians.

More about the Akaka Bill later.