Akaka Bill: Media Colludes with Some Politicians to Lie About the Hawaiian People

By , March 16, 2010 2:22 pm

Akaka Bill: Media Colludes with the Government to Lie About the Hawaiian People

Here is another example of some people using the Akaka Bill to trash the Hawaiian people and their nation, Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina and lie about the Hawaiian people in the process.

This time the Associated Press prints some racist comments about Hawaiians while discussing the Akaka Bill:

Stop the Akaka Bill

Stop the Akaka Bill

Seen here at Yahoo.com.

By the way Clyde Namuo, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), is incorrect when he states, “A majority of Native Hawaiians favor this process of federal recognition [the Akaka Bill.]”

While there are some cool people who work at OHA, Namuo obviously does not listen to the will of the Hawaiian people. Most Hawaiians do NOT want the Akaka Bill.

Even with their Kau Inoa “Native Hawaiian Registration” Program.

Though they do not reveal their methodology, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) sponsored Kau Inoa has acquired 109,000 signatures.

However the majority of Hawaiians is 50% + 1 or 50% X 401,062 Hawaiians left in this world + 1 = 200,532.

He is about 91,532 signatures short of majority. Of course this does not include those Hawaiians who are not oiwi but are Hawaiian citizens.

Secondly University of Hawaii law professor Jon Van Dyke who wrote “Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawaii?” was quoted as saying that a Hawaiian government should receive about 1 million acres — about 20 percent of the state’s land mass that was once monarchy property.

That is incorrect and inaccurate.

The ali’i STILL own the crown lands of Hawai’i. That is why it is called “crown lands” because the crown owns the land.

It is private property.

Unfortunately some representatives of the “state” of Hawai’i mistakenly though purposefully call these lands “public lands” so there are some people running around mistakenly thinking that they own a part of it. The “state” of Hawai’i did so purposefully.

Notice that it usually men who think that these lands are theirs.

It is usually men who are against the Akaka Bill not for the right reasons but because they see the Akaka Bill as a loss of what is NOT theirs.

Hawaiians and their legal heirs do not transfer their royal patents and titles to anyone or to any entity. They reserve their property rights now and forever.

This shall serve as a public notice.

However this is where some politicians like some Republicans can do the right thing for Hawaiians and strike the Akaka Bill down once and for ALL. Literally.

To strike down the Akaka Bill is to preserve property rights including but not limited to Hawaiians.

In the last 10 years Republicans have struck it down twice. Hopefully when it appears on the Senate floor once again they will do stop the Akaka Bill AGAIN for the third and FINAL TIME. While their reasons for opposing the Akaka Bill differ from most Hawaiians who oppose the Akaka Bill they have the power to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR HAWAIIANS.

It is time to preserve property rights for ALL… INCLUDING for Hawaiians.

It is clear that the Democratic party continues to fail the Hawaiian people and are not listening to the will of the Hawaiian people. Hawaiians do NOT want the Akaka Bill.

Only 109,000 alleged Hawaiians have signed up for the Kau Inoa “Native Hawaiian” Registration program.

The majority of Hawaiians/oiwi would be 200,532 signatures which they do NOT have.

Fellow Republicans… it is time to shut down the Akaka Bill when it appears on the Senate floor.