Akaka Bill: Comment about the Akaka Bill

By , March 26, 2010 10:34 am

Akaka Bill: Comment about the Akaka Bill

Someone left a comment about the Akaka Bill here.

Some people like to try to censor Hawaiians and/or try to censor the truth so I am reposting it here:

“There was room enough to elaborate on who is lying, what the lies were, and where those lies can be found. This missive only adds to the confusion and does nothing to clarify the matter. It is my opinion, for example, that that ‘Bayonet Constitution’ was the product of a criminal act and, therefore, null and void on its face. Nevertheless, that paper enabled the white men to gain a prominent position in the Hawaiian Government from which they could proceed to overthrow Liliuokalani and steal our independence, sovereignty, government and land.

After that (second) criminal act, done with the knowledge and consent of the Harrison administration, the white thieves than committed another (third) criminal act by ceding Hawaii to the US.

The (fourth) criminal act occured when the US government unlawfully annexed hawaii despite the protests of the hawaiian people.

And last, but not least, was that phony statehood scam which, in my opinion, was yet another (fifth) criminal act to further entangle the hawaiian islands into the white mans greedy and treacherous claws. The upcoming vote on the Akaka Bill, as I see it, will be strenuously rebuffed by the republicans, the very people who executed the aforementioned five criminal acts.

So what we appear to have here is a situation wherein a sixth criminal act is about to unfold that is designed to act in concert or conjunction with the five earlier acts to criminally deceive, defraud, and deny the indigenous native hawaiian people their just due.”