Akaka Bill

By , July 20, 2012 10:12 am

I received a comment from a reader about the Akaka Bill. Here it is:

“Many of us, who are on the fence about the AKAKA BILL have since had a serious dose of reality! Robin Danner has gone out of her to publically humiliate Native Hawaiians/Kanaka Maoli, referring to them as “dumb”, “lazy”, and making comments about her ability to call Senator Innouye at the drop of a hat to kick Native Hawaiians off the homesteads.

Even if you agree with her, as long as you do business on the homestead, she asserts that everything has to come through her and her entity. So lets recap here: if we go with status quo we’ll be full-fledged American Citizens with the right to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live where we want, freedom to work where we want, freedom to speak to whom we want, and are not at risk of being “disenrolled” from being Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli. But if we support the AKAKA Bill, we will have all our rights as American citizens taken away as well as our identity.

Moreover, we’ll be forced to work under Robin Danner as an indentured servant. Lord oh mighty, can someone please sign me up to be a member of the Robin Danner’s tribe?

I can hear the plantation bells a ringing right now…..massa oh massa is it today we go out and pick cotton so we sew all your kin folk a beautiful outfit for the Sunday outing with ma and pa kettle? Oh please Massa Robin, Massa Robin, this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,….”

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