Akaka Bill

By , July 30, 2009 8:27 pm

Unfortunately the Office of Hawaiian Affairs does not fully disclose that they are behind the website www.NativeHawaiians.com. Unfortunately they do not even fill out the “About Us” section here: http://www.nativehawaiians.com/?page_id=2


However if one does a domain search this is what one will find:

Stop the Akaka Bill

 A closer look:

Stop the Akaka Bill

The domain is owned by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs which is no surprise.


However most Hawaiians do NOT want the Akaka Bill. Unfortunately we do not have the budget that OHA has. However we do have WordPress with its excellent Search Engine Optimization so since some representatives of OHA do not listen to its beneficiaries… hopefully this website will show on on page one of Google.

Unfortunately Hawaiians were not included in discussing the Akaka Bill aka the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act and we continue to be excluded.

IMHO we should be heard though I can understand why they ignore us because they are trying to set up a trust relationship without our express written consent.

We vehemently oppose the Akaka Bill.

Fortunately through WordPress and its great Search Engine Optimization… our voices can be seen and heard.